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GloLite by PartyLite™ Wild Lemongrass Citronella Large Tealight Candles

Wild Lemongrass Citronella. Large Tealight Candles. Pack of 4. Instant light with a brighter glow from a single flame. Combined with fresh citronella for nights outdoors. Burn time: 8-11 hours.

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Take our beloved GloLite large tealight candles outdoors this Summer with our citronella-infused fragrances, ideal for Summer nights spent on the patio. Wild Lemongrass is a zesty Summer bouquet of lemongrass enriched with deeper tones of water, flowers and musk.
  • Fragrance
  • Color
    Product Color
  • Material
    Wax, plastic cup
  • Form
    Large Tealight
  • Intensity
    When you want to add a little light fragrance to the air that everyone will like.
  • Burn time
    8-11 hours
  • Dimensions
    3x6 cm
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