PartyLite’s Autumn 21 Collection

It’s time to embrace a whole new season of fragrance and style with our Autumn Winter Collection for 2021. Your one-stop guide to dressing your home with the essential fragrances and style to match, we’ve got everything to turn your space into your seasonal sanctuary. Keep reading to find all the latest aromas in our innovative fragrance forms. We’ve also got the classic ranges you know and love, along with home accessories inspired by the latest décor trends for the season.

Discover the full collection for Autumn Winter 21 now, and shop your favourites with a click while you learn what makes PartyLite the leaders in home fragrance.


This Autumn season we're recreating a globetrotting fragrance journey at home, with scents that take inspiration from around the world. For the Winter season we'll be making new memories with family and friends, surrounded by fragrances that light up the imagination with festive spirit. And let’s not forget the party season too, filled with excitement and joy at meetings with friends new and old. Let our beautiful fragrances and décor excite your imagination.

Autumn Fragrances

PartyLite Blackberry Port 3-Wick Jar Candle

We're proud to work with the world's leading perfumers to create innovative fragrance blends for each of our launches. That's what makes PartyLite's home fragrances the finest, and why we're proud to bring new scents to you every season.

This Autumn our fragrances have been inspired by global adventures, awakening your wanderlust and transporting you to the places that you've been dreaming about. Dive into a range with something for everyone, with best-selling classics alongside new combinations. Each one exclusive to PartyLite.

Here’s some of this Fall’s new fragrance must-haves.

Blackberry Port
Luscious purple plums, black raspberries and pomegranate are fortified with white musk and birch for an autumn-inspired port wine.

Pear Cider
Orchard pears, green apples and juicy peaches are pressed with cinnamon, nutmeg and balsamic vanilla into a cosy autumn cider.

Spiced-Roasted Chestnut
Smoky, fire-roasted chestnuts and sweet candied pecans are warmed with creamy tonka bean, dark musk and ground allspice to chase away the chill.

Cedar Patchouli
Earthy patchouli, coriander and oakmoss come together with aged cedar and woody green vetiver tempered with glimmers of lavender and geranium flower.

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Naturally Fall

PartyLite Missy Squirrel jar Holder on a coffee table

The beauty of natural, sun-warmed autumn days celebrates the natural bounty of the autumnal season in the Naturally Fall trend. This year’s autumn home trends are celebrating a laidback trend that’s in touch with nature, with earthy colour combinations and forest-inspired motifs.

Pair the warmth of our Golden Frond collection’s falling leaves in burnished metal with the whimsy of the Missy Squirrel Jar Holder to bring a sense of earthy, lighthearted beauty.

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After Dark™

PartyLite After Dark Jar Candles

For those times when you want to get a little bit closer, we’ve created our most sensual collection to date. Light your fire with a delectable range that’s romantic and a little bit daring. After Dark™ is a tempting collection that combines sultry fragrance blends with uniquely stylish décor designed to reveal more. 

In a range of forms, you’ll enjoy four exclusive After Dark fragrances that are truly intoxicating. 

Apple Velour
Enigmatic yet captivating, Apple Velour seduces with whispers of exotic resins, delicate muguet and jasmine petals caressing Braeburn apple, Anjou pear and soft peach in a tantalizing flirtation. 

Velvet Plum
Juicy apple and succulent plum fuse with innocent lily of the valley along with candied dates, dark molasses and resinous tonka bean, creating a temptingly rich and seductively luscious accord. 

Amber Suede
A floral heart of blue iris, damask rose and creamy jasmine is wrapped in amber, musk, mandarin and saffron for a provocative fragrance experience both sensuous and mysterious. 

Cashmere Cassis
Sultry and alluring blooms of fragrant jasmine, Siberian iris and rose petals, warmed by ripe orchard fruits, patchouli and sandalwood, unfold in an enticing and intoxicating bouquet.

Try them in our decadently designed Jar Candles, where golden accents and giftable packaging make them something extra special. 

Such alluring fragrances deserve matching décor that’s just as enticing.  Each piece of After Dark décor features a unique design that transforms. Light a candle inside each and you'll reveal elegant patterns and reflections. A suite of stylish candle holders features modern florals, faux mercury finishes and a playful combination of glass and black metal. Watch each one reveal more after dark.

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GloLites by PartyLite®

GloLites by PartyLite

Did you know that PartyLite is officially the home of The World’s Brightest Candle™? That’s right, our GloLite candles have been tested and proven to be brighter than all the rest. That’s thanks to their special wax formula, that means they glow from top to toe when lit. Amazing, right? It’s no wonder that GloLites have been filling homes with added brightness for over 10 years! In classic and new season fragrances, they’re always best-sellers whatever the time of year.

Our GloLites range comes in a great range of unique forms, such as pillar candles, GloLite jars and even trend-led larger tealight candles. Prefer the glow without fragrance? We have a range of unscented versions with the same quality, exclusive wax.

For the Autumn and Winter seasons, we’ve brought back the much-loved red wax in our GloLites range, letting you enjoy that traditional festive look with extra brightness.

Want to make the glow even more enticing? Don’t forget to match yours with the Color Stop Base, that lights up the whole candle in brilliant colours.

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BeBalanced by PartyLite™ 

PartyLite BeBalanced Jar Candle on a cork coaster on a bathroom sink

We all know fragrance has the power to make our homes feel fresher and more welcoming, but what about the lesser known benefits of natural fragrance? Our BeBalanced collection is all about unlocking those hidden powers, using fragrance to enhance your mood and get back to the best version of you. 

Our BeBalanced collection of essential oils + pure fragrance was created to make you feel good more often. That’s right, they’re made from natural, plant-derived fragrances that have been known to actively change the way you feel. Starting with eight plant-based fragrance oils designed to be used in the home, there’s a way for you to uplift, unwind and more. 

Whether you want to find more zen with Center Me Cedarwood, or get back some pep with Pick Me Up Peppermint, there’s a host of fragrances and benefits to enjoy. Plus, they’re blendable. That means you can create a bespoke blend that captures the mood and scent experience you find most beneficial.

We wanted to create a spa-like experience when you use this collection, so we had to rethink the technology to match. That’s where our warmer and diffuser come in. The  Ultrasonic Diffuser is the perfect choice for larger spaces at home thanks to its large fragrance throw. Or try the Illuminescents™ Clean Lines Fragrance Warmer for a piece that you can take on the road and enjoy anywhere you go. These elegant pieces of décor promise a stunning fragrance experience every time.

Of course, we couldn’t resist including the thing we do best - candles! But these are candles with a little difference, thanks to their 100% Soy Wax blend. Made from renewable, plant-based ingredients, this wax ensures your BeBalanced experience is naturally uplifting.

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Fresh Home by PartyLite™ 

PartyLite Fresh Home

Home fragrance is about more than stimulating your senses, or creating a home that’s perfumed with the finest aromas. Hectic, sometimes messy lives mean we all have times when fragrance is there to solve a problem. That’s right, we’re talking about getting rid of bad odours! With our Fresh Home by PartyLite collection, we don’t just cover up bad smells, we help you neutralise them completely. It’s all down to our NEOFRESH® technology, which banishes the stinky scents we don’t want and replaces them with invigorating freshness. Discover more about how it works

Our Fresh Home fragrance power can be enjoyed in a special collection of fragrances, each infused with that special odour-neutralising technology. Whether you choose Apple Balsam, Lavender Sandalwood, Citrus Nectar, Perfect Pet or Cotton Breeze, you’ll find life is so much fresher every day. You might be surprised just what tough odours Fresh Home can make history. 

Pet Odours
Say goodbye to cat and dog odours, even those stubborn wet pet smells that just seem to get everywhere after a long walk. 

Airborne Smells
Neutralise food and kitchen smells all day long. Even the strongest food odours won't linger after you've eaten. 

Car Freshness
Keep your car smelling clean round the clock, so you're never unsure of giving that friend a little free ride alongside you. 

These blends don’t have to wait for the toughest odours, they’re great for everyday freshness too. We love to use them in the bathroom and kitchen to boost the sense of cleanliness. While you’re working from home, you can make every day at the office more inviting with fragrance that gives you a lift.

Practical and powerful fragrances need to be truly versatile. That’s why Fresh Home fragrances are available in five unique forms. No bad odour will go unbanished when you use them in the right combination for you!

A PartyLite best-seller made from paper, giving you fragrance power 24/7. Perfect for lasting fragrance that you can leave unattended. 

A flameless, powerful paper fragrance form that lets you dial up the intensity. Great to give a flameless boost when your room needs more freshness. 

Our much-loved little candle that you can light and enjoy anywhere. Ideal for an intense boost of fragrance that you can enjoy for a short time, like after cooking. 

Fragrance designed for the fast lane, the car freshener that works harder. Stronger, longer-lasting flameless fragrance designed to keep cars fresher. 

Room Sprays
Fabric and pet safe sprays that get odours out of curtains, cushions and more!

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ScentGlow® Warmers and Scent Plus Melts®

PartyLite ScentGlow Warmers and Scent Plus Melts

Love our fragranced candles but want to try something without the flame? Our ever-popular Scent Plus Wax Melts might be the answer you’ve always wanted. Made from the same exceptional quality wax in our candles, we don’t just do ordinary wax melts and burners. These are even better.

You’ll fall head over heels for the fragrance, plus their unique heart shape. All our Scent Plus Melts are now heart-shaped, for a new look you’ll love. 

We’re proud of our non-toxic wax blend that ensures you and your family enjoy the safest possible fragrance experience. Not to mention that it’s cruelty free, small batch and never using any of the ingredients from our no-no list.

To use our Scent Plus Wax Melts, you’ll first want to find your perfect ScentGlow Wax Warmer. These stylish, plug-in electrical warmers combine a soft glowing LED light with beautiful design and, of course, gentle warmth to melt your wax. Each season we bring you beautiful designs to fit the latest home trends.This season try the new Modern Crushed Mosaic Warmer for a look that gives an on-trend warm glow, from within an elegant, tall glass mosaic design that complements any décor look.

When you’ve chosen your fragrance, you simply snap 1 - 3 pieces into your warmer and let fragrance fill your room. It couldn’t be simpler to enjoy, and there’s no open flame to worry about.

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PartyLite SmartBlends

You know that we can’t get enough of home fragrance that creates an evocative scent experience, while fitting perfectly into your life.  Fragrance can also do more than stimulate the senses, freshening our homes and giving us that sense of calmer, cleaner ambience. 

Enter SmartBlends. Part of the Fresh Home by PartyLite™ collection, they’re one of our unique fragrance forms. And there are so many reasons to love them!

Just like our SmartScents, SmartBlends are a paper fragrance form that means you enjoy instant and round-the-clock fragrance. But they’ve got a little something extra up their sleeve too! They’re designed to be used with a range of stylish SmartBlends Warmers, that help you get stronger fragrance and freshening power. 

Whether you love the SmartBlends Warmer or even want to plug straight into your outlet with the Petite Warmer, adding heat means the fragrance gets stronger and goes further. So you can freshen even bigger spaces than you might expect with just a small amount of SmartBlends. Plus, every warmer gives a soft and delicate glow from within. Using them couldn’t be easier.

Pour blends
Simply remove the top and add one capful of SmartBlends to the cup. As fragrance dissipates, add a second capful. 

Plug in
Replace the top and just plug in your newest SmartBlends accessory. 

Turn on the glow
Turn the switch on and enjoy a soft, night-light glow and beautiful, instant fragrance. 

Pour away
Once the fragrance has faded, simply pour the cool SmartBlends into a waste bin and start again with fresh SmartBlends.

Don’t worry about adding them to the waste basket, these clever little paper pieces are made from 100% biodegradable materials. And of course, we only make them from paper from sustainable forests too.

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SmartScents by PartyLite™ Flameless Fragrance Sticks

PartyLite SmartScents Sticks

Love our fragrances, but don’t like to burn candles round the clock in every room? There’s no need to forego that freshness when you’ve got our SmartScents Flameless Fragrance Sticks. These clever little paper sticks give you 24/7 fragrance that’s incredibly versatile. Who doesn’t want to come home to the scents they love already filling their home?

Available in a huge range of fragrances, from seasonal to everyday and even Fresh Home, these paper sticks are infused with fragrance from essential oils. When you take them out of their package, you’ll enjoy instant fragrance that lasts up to 30 days. They’re not just safe for your whole family to enjoy, they’re safer for the planet too, made from paper from sustainable forests. Oh, and they’re just one of the many products that you can recycle when finished! 

We’ve got a great range of holders to help you enjoy your selected fragrance, wherever you want it. Add whole sticks to one of our holders on a shelf or mantelpiece. Or pop them into a picture frame or bookends!

They’re even portable, fitting into our GoSmart Holder to use in handbags, in the car, or anywhere you fancy. Each SmartScents Stick is scored so if you want to dial down the intensity, simply snap off up to 4 sections, and fit them into your choice of accessory. We told you they were versatile! 

Want to enjoy a blend of fragrance? SmartScents are perfect to combine, with scents that you can mix your way, just like our candles. Use two or more fragrances together to create a unique signature fragrance. We love to give every room its own fragrance experience, so we suggest using something unique in the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Even in linen closets and clothing storage spaces, you can add your favourite scents to keep things fresh.

Try them in this season’s newest fragrances, or select your favourites from our best-sellers that are always available.

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We’re all about filling life with the finest fragrance, but it doesn’t just stop at your home. That’s what inspired us to create the AromaPure Collection, giving you fragrance in the fast lane. 

It starts with our unique Car Freshener, a clip-on fragrance accessory that can pop on to your car vent, hang from your overhead mirror, or wherever you want freshness. It doesn’t have to be the car, why not put one in your gym bag? When you open it you’ll be greeted by an incredible burst of zingy fragrance. 

The Car Freshener comes with its own matching fragrance form, AromaPure, our strongest flameless form ever! Available in a range of Fresh Home and best-selling fragrances, you can add instant scent to your car, that lasts round the clock. Made from paper from sustainable sources, the AromaPure is a powerful but eco-friendly way to enjoy your favourite fragrances all day long. You can even dial up and down the fragrance thanks to the innovative vent system on the freshener accessory.

Don’t forget to make it stylish! We’ve got a range of contemporary magnets that you can swap in and out to give your Car Freshener a little extra pizzazz.

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Nature’s Light

Nature's Light

We all love the alluring crackle of a fireside, but we’re not all blessed with an open hearth in our homes. That’s where these clever little wooden wick candles come in. Our Nature’s Light range is a collection of jar candles infused with some of our best-loved bold and aromatic fragrances, each with a wood wick that gives a crackling sound when lit.

In a faux bois jar design, they’re a perfect rustic addition to your style. Plus they’re ideal for creating a relaxing ambience through Autumn and Winter, adding perfect seasonal fragrance to the cosy crackle.

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