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Who can join PartyLite Preferred*?

Any Customer can join PartyLite Preferred before, after or during a Party by simply creating an online account, and checking the box to join Preferred.

Any Customer who places an order at a Party or online can join PartyLite Preferred, and earn rewards on their very first purchase!

*PartyLite Consultants and household members of active PartyLite Consultants are NOT eligible to join PartyLite Preferred.

What are the benefits?

Preferred members earn 15% rewards on every personal purchase they make at a Party or online.

Other special offers like access to secret sales, sneak peeks to new collections, and additional discounts on PartyLite products are offered from time to time.

How do I join PartyLite Preferred?

Before or During a Party: Guests can open an account prior to placing an order by creating an online account on their Consultant's website and checking the box to join Preferred.

After a Party or Online Purchase: Guests must provide an email address.
Once the Party is submitted by your Consultant, you will receive an email, welcoming you to join PartyLite Preferred. Instructions on how to join PartyLite Preferred are included in that email.

Follow these simple steps and you are in!

  1. Click through the welcome email and LOGIN or Create an Account (if you don't already have one with the email address you provided with your order.)
  2. Be sure all required fields are filled out when an account is being created.
  3. Check the box to Join PartyLite Preferred.
  4. Click "Activate My Account"
  5. Enjoy shopping with PartyLite... and PartyLite Preferred rewards!

You MUST activate your PartyLite Preferred account by accepting the Terms and Conditions of PartyLite Preferred online through a Consultant website. Limit of one PartyLite Preferred Account per Customer.

Why do I have to provide an email address to participate in PartyLite Preferred?

PartyLite Preferred is an online loyalty program that requires its participants to be opted in to receive email (Candle Connection) from a Consultant. Please ensure the email you provide is entered accurately. Also ensure that the same email is used when your order is entered. This email is where we send the rewards you earned and let you know about future PartyLite Preferred offers! One email address per PartyLite Preferred member please!

Can I redeem my rewards at a Party?

No. Rewards can be redeemed only online for individual orders not tied to a Party.

When will I get my rewards?

You will receive an email with your rewards the month after your order ships. Once issued, you can also see your rewards by visiting your Consultant's (or any Consultant's) website and reviewing "Your Account Information".

How long do I have to use my rewards?

PartyLite Preferred rewards are valid 90 days from the date they were first issued.
Rewards expire at 11:59pm ET on the day of the expiration date.

How are Taxes and Shipping & Handling calculated on my order when I redeem Preferred Rewards?

Taxes on your order are calculated on the amount owed after your Preferred Rewards are redeemed. Shipping & Handling is calculated on the value of your order before your Preferred Rewards are redeemed.

Once I have signed up for PartyLite Preferred, where can I review my account information?

Visit your Consultant's website (or ANY PartyLite Consultant's website). At the bottom of the page you will see a "PartyLite Preferred" icon. Click this icon and select the 'Already A Member' option, and follow the steps to login. Once logged in, at the top of the page click the, "MY ACCOUNT" icon. You will then be able to review / edit your PartyLite Preferred account information.

What if I miss the email, delete it or it ends up in my spam or junk folder?

Don't worry! - you will be sent a reminder email monthly.
Plus - you can still activate your account simply by visiting your Consultant's website and logging in or creating an account using the email address you used with your qualifying order!

You simply need to check the box to Join PartyLite Preferred.

What if I want to join, but don't want to opt in for email (Candle Connection) from my Consultant?

PartyLite Preferred is an online loyalty program that requires its participants to be opted in to receive email (Candle Connection) from a Consultant.

IMPORTANT! If you decide to opt out of receiving email (Candle Connection), your PartyLite Preferred account will be automatically closed. Customers who opt out of receiving email (Candle Connection) are presented with the following notice on the website page that opts them out, encouraging them to continue to receive email communications:

"IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR MEMBERS OF PARTYLITE PREFERRED! PartyLite Preferred is an online program. Participants MUST be opted in to receive email from at least one PartyLite Consultant in order to be in the program. If you opt out of all communications from all Consultants, you will be opting out of the program, and you will not receive an invitation in the future (even if you place a qualifying order)."

Why do Preferred members have to designate a Primary Consultant?

You could have one, two or more Consultants that you purchase from. To be a member of PartyLite Preferred, you can only receive rewards, special offers, and other communications from ONE Primary Consultant. As a Preferred member, you may purchase at different Parties from different Consultants, on different Consultant websites and you will still earn rewards on the orders you place. You will only receive Preferred Program related communications from your Primary Consultant.
(e.g.: Rewards notifications, secret sale emails, etc.) These emails will link to your Primary Consultant's website.

Can I change my primary Consultant and receive email / Candle Connection from a different Consultant?

Yes. Simply login to your PartyLite Preferred account, and click the 'edit' option in the "Your Primary Consultant" section. You will then be prompted to search for a new primary Consultant.

I would like to sign up for PartyLite Preferred and receive emails and offers from my Consultant, but she says I cannot receive them from her? Why, and what should I do?

We are happy you want to participate in this great program! To receive PartyLite Preferred emails and offers from a Consultant they must currently have a Consultant website. If your Consultant does not currently have a Consultant website, you can still sign up. Go to, click on "Shop Online" and select PartyLite Preferred. Use the "Join Now" option to search for a PartyLite Consultant or search for a Consultant in your area. You can still book shows with your Consultant and earn PartyLite Preferred rewards even if they do not have a Consultant website, you will however receive your PartyLite Preferred emails, rewards and offers from a different Consultant. When you go to a Party you should always let your Consultant know you are a PartyLite Preferred member!

Help! I placed an order online on my Consultant's website and skipped over the screen to join PartyLite Preferred! Can I still join?

Absolutely! - If you skipped over the option, accidentally closed the pop-up window inviting you, if you didn't see it, or if your computer froze, you will still have an active invitation to activate your account and join the Preferred program. You will receive a reminder email, asking you to activate your account, or - you can simply follow the steps of logging in or creating an account through your Consultant's website and check the box to Join PartyLite Preferred!

I attended a Party and never received an email asking me to join PartyLite Preferred. Why did this happen?

If the Consultant at the party did not have a Consultant website you will not receive an email asking you to join PartyLite Preferred. We would love for you to enroll in this fantastic program, so we can let you know about incredible PartyLite Preferred offers and so you can earn rewards! Simply visit to sign up today!

I placed an order online on my Consultant's website two months ago without joining PartyLite Preferred. Now, I decided I want to join; can I receive rewards for my previous purchase?

Yes! Customers who place an order will earn rewards whether or not they have enrolled in PartyLite Preferred. However, you can only use your rewards by activating your membership by creating an online account on your Consultant's website, and checking the box to Join PartyLite Preferred. Any rewards awarded within the previous 89 days of the date you enroll will be available for use.

IMPORTANT: Rewards are issued on the first of the month after an order ships. Rewards expire 90 days after they are issued, not based on the date you activate your account.

I placed an order for $50 and paid for it with a $25 PPC. I only received $3.75 in Preferred Rewards. Shouldn't I have received $7.50 in Preferred Rewards, (15% of my $50 purchase)?

No. Preferred Rewards are calculated and awarded based on the value of the order AFTER discounts, coupons, special sale incentives and PPCs are applied. Rewards are not calculated on Shipping and Handling fees.

I can't locate my rewards email and don't know when my rewards are set to expire!

You can simply visit your Consultant's website (or any Consultant's website), and login using the email address tied to your Preferred account. Visit the "My Account" section on your Consultant's website. On that page, you will see the rewards you have available to use, and the date they are set to expire. If you have multiple reward codes, each will be listed separately with the expiration date for each noted. You can choose to use one or all on your online order.

I have $57 in rewards, but I am only spending $50 on my order. Can I use the difference to pay for the Shipping and Handling charges for my online order?

Unfortunately no, rewards can only be redeemed for the full price products on your order and cannot be redeemed towards Shipping and Handling or taxes. You should add at least $7 more in full price items to the order, or you will have to forfeit the $7 balance.

I am unable to redeem my Preferred Rewards on my online order! I am purchasing product in the online outlet. Why can't I use my rewards on this order?

Preferred Rewards are redeemable only on full price items. Rewards cannot be redeemed on sale items, temporary or permanently discounted items, or online outlet items.

I have earned more than one reward; can I use them on the same online order?

Yes, rewards can be combined and used toward the purchase of full price items. Rewards coupons cannot be combined with any other coupon offers, or redeemed for discounted, special sale or online outlet items.

Question! - I just activated my account today, but my rewards are set to expire tomorrow!

Rewards are "awarded" on the first day of the month after an order ships, (regardless if you activate your account or not.) Rewards expire after 90 days they are "awarded", not based on the date you activate your account. Proceed to your Consultant's website right away and place your order! Happy Shopping!

Help! - I accidentally opted out of email and closed my PartyLite Preferred account when I meant to just change my email address! How do I get reinstated? I had rewards that now don't show up when I look at My Account on my Consultant's website! What do I do?

Your rewards are still active until they expire. You can simply re-open your account by logging into "My Account" on your Consultant's website, and checking the box to re-enroll in PartyLite Preferred. Your rewards will be visible after your membership is reinstated.


You will not earn rewards against any purchasing activity that occurred during the period of time you were un-enrolled in the PartyLite Preferred Program.

What if my PartyLite Preferred Consultant decides to leave PartyLite or cancels her Consultant website? Who will send me PartyLite Preferred emails, and how will I shop online without her website?

We want you to stay with PartyLite! If your Consultant leaves or no longer has a PartyLite website we will find a PartyLite Consultant to send PartyLite Preferred rewards, emails and offers. You will receive an email from your new PartyLite Consultant with their contact information and website. If you would like to find your own Consultant you can also visit!