The Complete Collection

From the simplicity of a tealight to the captivating fragrance of a 3-wick, our candle collection offers what will surely create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Jar Candles

From charming mini jars to captivating 3-wicks, every meticulously-crafted jar candle offers a fusion of premium fragrance, clean ingredients and sophisticated style. Explore our assortment and enjoy our world of enchanting scents.


PartyLite Tealights are unlike any others in the market. They're known for their exceptional quality and the unparalleled ambiance they create. Designed to melt completely, they emit a mesmerizing glow.


PartyLite votives liquify completely, emitting an exquisite and enduring glow. They burn cleanly and completely until both the votive and fragrance re completely consumed, leaving only cherished memories of their beauty and lingering scent.

Pillar Candles

The traditional silhouette and timeless style of PartyLite pillar candles enhance any décor. Our exclusive and patented GloLite pillars stand apart from the rest, emitting a top-to-bottom glow that illuminates any room with unmatched brilliance. Renowned as The World's Brightest Candles, they're the epitome of candle perfection.